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Booking Voluntary & Community Group Transport Services

To avoid disappointment please book your vehicle as early as possible. Requests for voluntary drivers are sent to the volunteers a month in advance, e.g. they will be sent the bookings that need covering in March at the end of February. For this reason, please try and give at least a month's notice of a group booking.

  1. You can either telephone 01454 228706 and speak to Lauren, Holly or Michaela, or write to the office. You may also email us on
  2. Once a booking has been agreed, a logsheet will be sent to you. Check all of the details before the booking as buses can change.
  3. All of our drivers are volunteers; this means that they give their time freely and without financial remuneration. This does mean that we cannot guarantee a booking although we will always do our best.
  4. The volunteer driver's out of pocket expenses should be covered by the organisation on the day; this includes entrance fees, tickets, refreshments and £7.50 towards a meal of their choice. If you do not cover these expenses we will add the cost onto your invoice plus an administration charge.

In case of emergency please refer the driver's folder. The emergency (out of office) number is 07739 941820. Please read through our Terms & Conditions of Use of Vehicles and Policy Statements.