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Using our volunteer drivers and passenger assistants

We encourage User Groups to provide their own volunteer drivers and passenger assistants, as this is usually more beneficial to the Group. In the event of GCT providing a volunteer driver we request that you follow these guidelines and adhere to the Terms and Conditions of User of Vehicles.

  1. Please remember that without our Volunteers (who are not paid) your Group may not be able to have transport, and Green Community Travel would not be able to provide a vital service to the local community.
  2. All Volunteers should be treated in accordance with our Equal Opportunities Policy.
  3. Volunteers are allowed to work at their own pace and the driver to plan own route if this is practicable.
  4. Any accidents involving our Volunteers should be reported to the General Manager, telephone 01454 228706 or for out of hours emergencies 07739941820. Please see the Driver's pack for more details of the emergency procedure.
  5. Volunteers' "out of pocket expenses" should be covered by the organisation on the day; this includes parking, entrance costs, refreshments and £7 towards a meal of their choice (when out for more than four hours). If you do not cover these expenses we will add the cost onto your invoice plus an administration charge.Empty wheelchair
  6. Drivers can "go off and return to collect you later" but this will incur additional mileage for which you will be invoiced.
  7. If possible make our Volunteer feel welcome; they will treat with confidentiality anything they overhear. They are requested not to contribute to Group discussions unless invited to do so.
  8. Please bear in mind that not all volunteer drivers and passenger assistants are trained to secure wheelchairs.