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Funding message from the Chair, AGM 2012

Our main funding comes from South Gloucestershire Council with whom we have an SLA or Service Level Agreement – they say what they want done and we do it. This has just been renewed for a further 3 years. They also pay us an amount for every passenger carried and therefore in this time of economic uncertainty it is very important that the buses are run as efficiently as possible – that is carrying as many passengers as possible at any one time. In airline parlance that means it is down to “Bums on Seats”. During the past year we have been successful at that in that the number of passengers carried has risen by nearly 5%. It is therefore important that this number continues to rise and the staff are doing everything possible to spread the word that we are here to make your lives easier. This would allow you to remain in your homes for as long as possible, whilst being able to get out and meet your friends and do your own shopping.

We also try to obtain extra funding from other sources such as the Town and Parish Councils whose area we cover. This would cover such items as computer software and hardware and other equipment to help the efficient running of the business. In these cases items would be unlikely to exceed £2,500.

Yate Town Council have not provided this organisation with a single penny to help it keep running, over the past two years.