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Driving our minibuses

  • Male with arms crossed dressed smart but casuallyAny driver who wishes to drive a GCT minibus must be a volunteer with GCT.
  • All drivers have to undertake the Minibus Driver Assessment (MIDAS), if they do not already hold the certificate, before they can drive a GCT minibus. If you already hold a MIDAS certificate you will have to undertake "familiarisation" training before you can drive our vehicles.
  • All drivers agree to abide by the terms & conditions of GCT and comply with all of its Policies*.
  • All drivers agree to undertake refresher MIDAS as often as is applicable.
  • All drivers are directly responsible to the Manager.
  • Driver agree to disclose any convictions to the Manager, whether deemed relevant or not by the driver.
  • Drivers must have a clean driving licence for at least three years before they can drive GCT minibuses.
  • Drivers are responsible for both the vehicle and passengers while they are driving the GCT minibus.

*Full details of all GCT Policies are available upon request. Any further questions or queries, please call the General Manager, Jenny, on 01454 228706