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Health and Safety at Work policy

  1. Under the new Health & Safety Regulations, which came into effect on 1 January 1993, Green Community Travel accepts its responsibilities as an employer for providing a safe & healthy environment for all of its employees & volunteers. It also accepts its responsibilities for providing a safe & healthy environment to members of the public & visitors.
  2. Green Community Travel is taking all reasonable steps to meet this responsibility, paying particular attention to the provision and maintenance of:
    • Safe equipment & working systems.
    • Safe arrangements for the use, handling, storage & transport, of equipment & materials.
    • Adequate information, instructions, training & supervision to enable all employees & volunteers to recognize & avoid hazards & contribute positively to their own Health & Safety at Work.
    • A safe place of work.
    • A healthy working environment.
    • Adequate welfare facilities.
    • Access to first aid training for employees & volunteers.
  3. Green Community Travel reminds its employees & volunteers that it is their duty to take reasonable care for their own health & safety at work and that of other employees, volunteers & members of the public and to co-operate with Green Community Travel so as to enable it to carry out its own responsibilities.
  4. Every effort will be made to ensure that there is no risk to the health & safety of the general public, visitors & voluntary workers arising from the work & activities of Green Community Travel. In the event of any emergency employees & volunteers should guide visitors & members of the public to a place of safety.
  5. This statement will be reviewed, added to or modified from time to time and may be supplemented when necessary by further statements relating to the work of Green Community Travel employees & volunteers.
  6. Copies of this statement & appropriate supplements will be made available to all employees & volunteers. Green Community Travel shall appoint the person responsible for all matters affecting the health & safety of employees & volunteers of the organisation.
  7. The Green Community Travel Fire Drill is displayed on the main office notice board. Copies are given to staff.