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Seat belts and passenger safety

  1. Wearing a seat belt is not optional on Green Community Travel vehicles, seat belts MUST be worn.Man with walking frame
  2. We provide them for your safety and follow South Gloucestershire Council recommendations regarding their use.
  3. If the vehicle is involved in an accident and our insurance company has reason to believe that you were not wearing your seat belt correctly then they will not pay out any compensation.
  4. Please do not remove the seat belt until the vehicle has finally stopped moving.
  5. Please do not stand up until the vehicle has finally stopped moving.
  6. Please do not attempt to open the door. This is either the trained driver's or escort's responsibility.
  7. Please wait until the side step has been extended. We have provided this to ensure that you do not injure yourself getting in or out of the vehicle.
  8. Please treat our driver and escort with respect. They are volunteers and have given their time freely.
  9. Finally - If you do not adhere to our "Terms and Conditions" then we reserve the right not to provide transport for you.