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Hospital Transport/Voluntary Car Scheme

Hospital Transport Scheme: 
We can provide transport to hospitals, such as BRI, Oncology, Eye Hospital and Southmead.  The charge for this is 45p per mile and will be mainly covered by our volunteer car drivers.  For appointments lasting up to 1 hour, the driver will wait; otherwise he/she will leave and return at the agreed time, which will mean paying for a double journey.  Hospital transport should be booked as early as possible to give us time to find a driver. We ask for at least a week’s notice if possible.
If  a passenger is unsure how long their appointment will be the driver can give their mobile number so the passenger can call them when their appointment has finished.
If there are several passengers travelling to the same destination for a similar time we may group them together so we can transport more passengers. This will be £8.00 each way. We also have a wheelchair accessible car to transport passengers that remain in their wheelchair when travelling. (£10.00 non bus pass holders) if using our vehicles passengers are still charged for the return journey.
Please note whilst every effort is made to accommodate all bookings we do use voluntarydrivers.  Therefore transport is not confirmed until we have sourced a volunteer. We do not receive funding for hospital transport unlike the NHS, but as many of our passengers find getting to hospital difficult we have introduced this service.