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Voluntary car scheme


The Coronavirus (COVID-19):

A message for our passengers and service users


In the wake of this unprecedented situation Green Community Travel ltd has been taking steps to safeguard our passengers & staff.


Hospital Transport Scheme: 
We can provide transport to hospitals, such as BRI, Oncology, Eye Hospital, Southmead and RUH.
The charge for this is 45p per mile and will be mainly covered by our volunteer car drivers. 
For appointments lasting up to 1 hour, the driver will wait; otherwise he/she will leave and return at the agreed time, which will mean paying for a double journey.  
Hospital transport should be booked as early as possible to give us time to find a driver. We ask for at least a week’s notice if possible.

Our volunteer drivers use their own vehicles to transport local people who are unable to access public services, taking them to doctor's or dental appointments or to visit friends or relatives in hospital.

Lady with walking frameTo travel independently with Green Community Travel, you must first complete and return our registration form.  If you do not have a Diamond Travel Card, your fares will be slightly higher (£2 extra.)

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