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Volunteer opportunities

I hope you decide to join us. We are very friendly, often have the kettle on and really appreciate our volunteers without whom our organisation would not exist.

The office is usually manned between 9am – 3.00pm, please feel free to call us to arrange a time to come and speak to our manager,Jenny, about the opportunities on offer.  She will discuss any aspect that you are not clear about and arrange for you to go on a local trip with another driver to see exactly what we do. 

If you want to become a volunteer driver, you will need to complete a “Driver Record Form” and return it to the office with copies of relevant documents (see form). Your referees will be contacted and a Driver Assessment arranged if necessary. Once you have passed the assessment you can drive as often as you wish or your time allows.

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Car Scheme Volunteers

GCT rely on volunteers with their own cars to provide transport for those people who are able to sit in a car but need a little more care and attention than we are able to provide on the Ring & Ride service.  Typical journeys may include taking elderly people to visit relatives in hospital or to a medical appointment.  The volunteer will wait with the passenger until the visit is completed and then return them home.

Volunteers usually have to notify their insurance company that they are using their vehicle for voluntary purposes. GCT will also require a copy of the vehicles MOT, Road Tax and Insurance document to keep on file.

User Group Drivers

GCT need volunteer drivers and passenger assistants to enable us to continue to provide transport and support for over 135 registered User Groups within the South Gloucestershire area, from pre-school groups to senior citizen clubs. As well as regular weekly or monthly bookings, there are often opportunities to take passengers to interesting places and the User Group usually includes the driver and assistant in their activities.

Management Committee

GCT is always interested in recruiting new volunteers to it's management committee. The committee is responsible for overseeing our organisation and deciding/implementing it's policies. A wide array of skills are required to make up an effective committee including: financial, legal, managerial, and a passion for the work that we do. If you think you have skills that could help GCT and are interested in becoming a voluntary member of our management committee please get in touch, or see the positions we have available right now in the download section below.


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